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At first, it is hard to actually come up with a few paragraphs every day (I don’t have  backlog of things to post). I’m led to believe that eventually it’s hard to stop at just a few paragraphs a day. I’m looking forward to that.


Gorom stirred, and dust came down his great sides in waves. A mere stir for him meant a deep rumble for the whole world. He had been sitting for so long that if not for the burning azure eye, he seemed a mountain.  His hand rose up, moving hills and separating trees from their resting places. Slowly but resolutely, the hand moved toward the chess board that stretched for miles. Gorom firmly gripped and moved one of the pieces forward. The hand retracted, and once again Gorom was scarcely more than an ancient rock.

Across, the ocean began to ponder.

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Meet interesting people

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This is one of those things where I try and write every day, or close to it. Close as I can get it. I used to write quite a bit. Now I don’t, and I really miss it.

Mind you, these are not complete stories, so they might not make sense. These are like scenes from a book, except there is no book. Also, these are fairly raw. So, please enjoy these disconnected, random bits au naturel. Cheers!

Moving on

“What do you like about your job the most?”

“I get to meet interesting people. More than meet, really. You’d be surprised how intimately I get to know them.”

“That is… rather morbid. Do you ever feel remorse?”

“No. First, you can’t afford to feel remorse. Second, if I get involved, you’ve done something to deserve it. You’ve probably done something very wrong. I’m not saying I’m better.  I’m saying there are no saints among us.”

“Is this the I’d be surprised to die of old age type deal?”

“No. I would very much like to live to old age. There are certainly risks. And as I said, I may deserve such an end, but I’ll be damned if I accept my fate lying down. This is a belief you’ll find widespread in this circle, this occupation. We are the people who decided to take things regardless of fate’s plans for us. However briefly, we live the way we want to live, and not according to some Plan.”

“Are you trying to glorify what you do?”

“Not at all. Speaking of the bad company…”


“NO! No! Please no!”

“What did you think was going to happen?”

“Please don’t…”

“Think of it this way. At least for a little bit, you lived according to your own wishes. You must have known how this was going to turn out, and you did it anyway. My hat is off to you. Still, this is a good night.”


*thwip* *thwip*


“Meet interesting people indeed. However briefly.”

*steps growing distant*

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