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On the streets 1

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on May 16, 2014


Moved into the city, so now I have a lot more opportunities to walk around and look at things and people.


It was misty and late. My favorite look for the city.

The old car cruised through the intersection. The driver, on the far side, was an invisible, shapeless shadow form. He blended in with the rest of the car, as if he wasn’t even there. She lounged on the passenger side, the seat moved back and reclined. Eyes closed, hair tossed by the blowing air, skin glowing and luxuriant under the orange streetlights. She smiled, carefree, and I imagined she were a poet.

They were riding a tandem bike with some sort of determination. She was dressed as Princess Leia. Beginning of Star Wars – not Jabba’s slave – white flowing dress and the trademark hair buns. She leaned into the bike, working her way along the block. He wasn’t dressed as anything. Just cargo shorts and a black tshirt. His pedaling was similarly lackluster.