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Should have

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We may have met this pair before.


They shouldn’t have met.

They shouldn’t have kissed. They shouldn’t have had sloppy, drunk sex.

He shouldn’t have punched her. She shouldn’t have stabbed him.

They shouldn’t have put each other in the hospital that other time.

She shouldn’t have lied to put him in jail for several days.

He shouldn’t have crashed her car.

They shouldn’t have started a fight with a cop.

He shouldn’t have cheated on her. Then again, she shouldn’t have cheated on him, either.

They shouldn’t have set their apartment on fire.

She shouldn’t have sold his stash.

He shouldn’t have pulled the gun on her.

They shouldn’t have gotten married in Vegas while high on pills.

They shouldn’t have been so madly, desperately, absolutely in love.

But they were. And somehow, for them, that made everything else ok.


No end

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They sat just like that, side by side, in the cold air. There weren’t many words. There were no embraces, or kisses, or tears. Everything was simply understood.

“I can’t say goodbye,” one of them said. “I can’t make my lips into the shape.”

The words slid down, swirled among the leaves. It was the sort of moment when it should have started raining.

“Please find me again. Some time.”

The acknowledgment came in the hand gently resting on the other’s knee, with all of the world’s tenderness. And they sat just like that, side by side, unable to leave, as the sun set on them and in the rising night the world began to dissolve.

A moment

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Based on a true story.

Right now

The door quietly swished shut. A river of people was flowing in all directions, swirling and streaming. The hum of the crowd was even and cheery. The day was windless, and the trees lining the parkway merely stood by, relaxed. Golden sunlight bathed everything in warmth and comfort. Thin clouds stretched out across the sky like a familiar shawl. It was that time of the day when the morning chill is just barely leaving, and the afternoon heat hasn’t quite come in yet. The air was fresh.

And just then, it happened. Everything and everyone inhaled together.

They held their breath just long enough.

Then exhaled in unison.

A simple.




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“D’you know what we go by, mates and I?”

It was cold, freezing, and tense. A group of men was having a sparse conversation in the alley. One was wearing a suit and a scarf – an outfit unsuited for the conditions. The door behind him was now locked. The light above the door was the sole source of poor illumination in the scene.

“Nah,” said the suit. “Enlighten me, then.” He looked down the alley, littered with trash and empty bottles toward the street. He could see the hood of his car, covered in a thin layer of fresh snow. It looked pristine, comforting and so very, very distant.

“The Ministry of Sharp Knives.” The words were delivered with pomp. The group, excepting the suit, chuckled. The others were wearing long black coats. Much better suited for the weather. Also, much more anonymous on the city streets.

“And why do we call ourselves that?”

“Let me guess,” said the man in the suit. He was getting impatient. The freeze was making short work of the suit and the scarf. “Something about being old school, and classy. A bit of that old time badassery, ri…”

The man in the coat pulled out a pistol and put a bullet in the suit’s forehead. The movement was fast, fluid, well-practiced, like a circus trick. Mouth gaping, the man in the suit stumbled, slid down into a useless pile.

“No,” the pistol went back inside the coat. “It’s funny.”