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There is a need to atone

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“You left scars on that child,” the young man went on in a steely, calm voice, “and not just on the flesh.”

The young man, dressed in a tailored suit, was perfectly still. He was leaning against the back of the chair, resting his hand on a brightly colored package the size of a thick book. His eyes were fixed on his counter-part, a middle-aged overwhelmed man across the table. The older man was panicking. He felt cold, and sick, and his heart racing and seizing, throwing itself around his chest. He tried to say something, but a sudden thirst clinched his throat.

“Your actions require atonement. The specifics of what will be asked of you will be provided later. Your participation is, of course, voluntary. However, should you refuse, you will be asked to employ the contents of our gift.” He stopped, and pushed the gift-wrapped box toward the older man. “Open it.”

The man’s trembling hands struggled with the package and it took him a while to overcome the slick paper and ribbons. The younger man sat quietly, patiently waiting. Once removed, the gift paper revealed a rugged plastic case with metal clasps on one side. With his hands shaking even more than before, the older man undid the clasps and opened the case.

Inside the case, surrounded by molded foam, lay a revolver. Its surface was slick and dark; it smelled fresh and oiled. Confused and frightened, the older man looked up.

“A single round has been chambered. It is a reminder of what you actually deserve, and no amount of atonement will erase that. You are to keep this in your house at all times.” He paused again, letting the words sink in. “I should inform you, that the situation realizes where you are to use this item, and are unable to perform the task yourself, assistance will be provided to you.”

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Little shadow

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For some inspiration, YYYs. (Obviously, not the actual lyrics.)


Little shadow, little shadow,

Into the night, will you follow me?

Into the greater dark,

Into the colder vast,

Will you walk with me?

Hold my hand, my little shadow,

Pull me in,

And keep me close,

Walk with me, my little shadow.

In the still and endless dark,

Be with me

And grow my heart,

Walk with me into the dark.

Little shadow,

Little shadow.

About a story

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What if I want to tell a story I don’t actually have?


This is a story of a boy who meets a girl. The girl’s a junkie though, so maybe he shouldn’t have met her – but he did. So there they’re now. Not that the boy is that much of a catch himself, either. Dodgy bastard. Not exactly a gift for the lady in this story. A pretty terrible lot, the two of them. Maybe they should have met. Screw it. Better than inflicting them on normal people.

Now, it’s not that they get along. It’s just that they are both such vortices of indecency, they just get stuck together. They’re utterly unconstructive people. Just two terrible, scummy people. This story is becoming upsetting, and on a personal level.

Anyway, this boy and a girl meet each other and end up together. They becoming twisted into a tornado-like downward spiral of personal destruction and seediness. They absolutely hate each other, but you know, the whole love-hate thing is circular, so it’s hard to tell. In any case – completely inseparable. On some animal, gut instinct level they know that sticking together is the only way they’re going to survive.

In the mean time, they are just burning down the town around them. The Black Plague has been kinder to some places than these two. They move through life like some sort of alien virulent disease on a coke spree. Most amazingly, this was hardly due to some plan or clever strategy on their part. Neither one of them was especially bright to begin with, and pairing up did not improve their cognitive abilities one bit. Devastation, blind and mad.

So, long story short, he’s now a senator. She writes books on how to raise special needs kids.

Life, right?

No forgiveness

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“Raise your swords against the sky! No man, no horde of demons, not even the gods themselves can come and take what is rightfully ours. This freedom is ours – to the end of times. The freedom to live in honor, with our brothers and sisters, to live in the ways that we have set for ourselves. And if that doesn’t sit well with the gods in heaven, well, then so be it. But a freedom fenced in is no freedom at all.

“From now on, the only redemption is our own. So raise your deadly iron with pride, and fight what comes!”


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“I am thin and beautiful!” The lady pronounced fiercely.

“I’ve never looked so good!” Her voice began to rise to piercing levels. Chocolate dripped from her face.

“MNNAAAWWWGH!” An earth-shattering moan escaped from deep inside her chest, shaking off crumbs and dislodging half a hamburger from somewhere inside couch. People in the house froze in an uneasy sense of danger. Nervous glances were exchanged.

“Mooooore! MORE BEAUTIFUL!” The walls tried in vain to muffle the bellowing calls. Long rows of silver and china clinked. Somewhere, a turkey leg thudded against a wall, sounding panicked.

Good and Evil

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“What’s evil, then?” Asked the young man. He was leaning against the wall, wincing at the ringing in his ears. There was an acrid smell of gunpowder in the air, a thin cloud of smoke.

“Destruction,” answered St. Michael, standing in the middle of the cellar and methodically loading his gun. A few motionless bodies lay on the floor.

“And good?”

“Letting shit be.” The revolver’s drum was full, and the gun went back into its holster.

“Those don’t seem like opposites…” the young man said after a pause.

“Imagine that. The world ain’t made of straight lines.”

Let the heart break

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“Don’t let her break your heart,” one man said. He was leaning forward, putting his weight on his elbows, and his eyes were fixed on his friend. “Don’t let it happen again.”

“I don’t know…” was the reply. The second man was with his back against the chair, eyes wondering around a small patch of the floor. “I think I will.”

“Don’t do this to yourself again.”

“Is it even a real heartbreak if it’s through no fault of hers?”

“I don’t know what to tell you. I just hate to see you go through this again.” The first man was quite concerned. He spoke slowly and deliberately.

“Don’t worry about it. It’ll pass, it’ll just be a while. It’s good, you know, sometimes.”

“It’s not sometimes. It almost seems most of the time.”

“Well, it can’t go on like this forever, right? You’ve got to come across a lucky penny eventually, right?” The sad man chuckled to himself.

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