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A breath of whiskey – blank verse

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on November 10, 2015


My friends have kindly and enthusiastically submitted suggests for rewrite formats for the original “A breath of whiskey” piece. The first, written in rough blank verse, is below.

Blank verse

“A breath of whiskey, just for you,”
He said, mock courage on his lips.
“Alright, you glutton, I’ll take whatever’s left.”
She swung the bottle, knocked it dead,
Sweet smoke consumed but in a blink.
Parched with the strangling heat
Of throngs of savage guests pressed close,
They spied the outside door,
Its siren call of crisp and vacant night.
Alas, the daring plan cut short –
His voice a booming cannonade,
Their princely host has called them forth.
“You’ve traveled far – we’ve waited long,
And now we thirst for trill and verse you bring!”
Her gaze downturned,
The specter of her smile obscured,
She drew her gleaming mandolin
As deftly as an ancient knight.
And he – a tankard for a sword –
Ascended marble stairs, longing
To plumb sweet solitude of song.
With their host’s blessing and affection,
All eyes and ears obedient and waiting,
She whispered,
“Go on, you villain,” and thumbed a rhythm hence.


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