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On the metro, #2.1

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on November 21, 2012

It’s a long ride on the train from the suburbs to downtown, about forty-five minutes. It’s a mostly empty train in the early evening. The museum-going family crowd has already gone home, and the bar-going scene crowd hasn’t finished doing its hair yet. I stepped onto the train from a balmy and mellow sundown, an early arrival for a busy evening.

The woman in a green dress stepped into the car about half-way through the trip. She was tall, powerful, with a body so striking and sharp, she looked as if she were carved from wrought wood. The slightly wet sheer fabric of her dress clung to her. The barely dry dark blonde curls hung close to her neck. It’s easy to imagine that she just barely left a swimming practice, and is now on her way to a formal engagement in the city, balancing an existence of a a committed athlete and a sophisticated socialite. She stepped off the train a few stations later.

I arrived at my destination, climbed the escalator to street level. A massive downpour was coming down on the city.

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