Die Writing

Dance with a bottle

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on November 21, 2012

Haven’t written much here, but have been working on a series of short stories. I suppose all this meandering on here actually paid off :D.
He is sweltering in the layers of his clothing – a thick frock, a woolen waistcoat, a stained shirt, a worn cravat, a moth-battered bowler carelessly kicked back – from the heat of the packed hall and the many pints of wine. The sweat streaming down his face glistens through the stubble of a few days and the thinning hair. The stocky frame never ceases to bounce and prance, jovially slightly off beat. The wine is on his fat lips puckered in a grin so wide it threatens to wrap completely around his head. The wine is in his eyes, sunk into the ballooning red cheeks, permanently enthralled by the parade of blurry lights and shapes zooming by.


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