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Lonely in a crowd

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on May 5, 2012

In a sudden moment, she found herself sitting alone while everyone else was up and dancing. The density of the crowd reinforced her sense of loneliness, as if a dark spotlight was cast upon her. Her connection to others, her very presence seemed to falter and flicker like a candle’s flame.

The heartbreak swelled up in her in an instant, came back with biting tears and choked her breath. She had been trying to drown out the sorrow with the music and the voices of her friends, tried to leave it at the bottom of a glass, but there was no use. The sorrow stayed until it was ready to leave on its own time. For now, it stayed right here. The sorrow sat down next to her and gently held her hand, stroked her hair as she sobbed. Sunk in the circle of shadows, she seemed a mile away from the people who were mere inches from her.


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  1. werd said, on November 10, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    He had written her into a paragraph of sorrow, locked her into it with a period. When next he saw her, her almost manic joy shocked him when they danced. He could not read this rush of eyes and mouth and hair as she spooled out of the line in which he turned her. It unsettled him.

    She knew she would return to the paragraph, slip into it, sleep in it for hours. But for now she would find what happiness she could and devour it, letting it run down her chin as she slavered for more.

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