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Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on February 28, 2012

He sat on the low windowsill outside the bar. It was obviously late. The band was setting up on the stage and the crowd was excitedly heaving itself through the doors. He held a glass of whiskey and a cigarette in one hand, while the other hand was being kept warm in a pocket. The sharp tobacco smoke was biting his eyes, so he had to squint as he took a deep draw.

Recognition was instant for both of them. Time seemed to circle back in a hurry. The chance encounter has played out in their minds so many times that it failed to surprise either of them when it actually happened. If anything, the moment did not live up to the intense drama they had anticipated. Past lovers outside a jazz bar. How common.

“Hi,” they said. The greeting awkwardly stood next to them for a beat, then followed everyone else inside, leaving the two alone.

“You smoke now?” Her question was, surprisingly, accusatory in tone. She did not really expect it to come off that way. She did not expect to even ask that. It caught him off guard as well, so he stared for a moment over the top of his glasses.

“Of all the things that keep us apart, this is hardly at the top of the list.” The defensive comeback was likewise unintentional. Another odd beat, and then he said,

“I ought to buy you a drink, I think. Not as an ice breaker or anything. Just… erm… seems proper.”

“If you’d like,” she answered looking at her feet. Then a confused smile stumbled across her lips and she went inside.

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