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Everywhere, all over everything

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on January 24, 2012

She was gone, long gone, and yet he had to constantly reassure himself of this. She was still here. Her words and looks piled up around the small apartment. It was hard to make so much as a step without getting stuck in the swish of her dress. She’s cried here a couple of times. She wrapped herself in a blanket in that armchair. Once, she leaned on that chair and stared out the window for what seemed like hours… Her absence has become delirious and unreal.

He tried to hide it, cover it up. He bought more furniture to fill the space, the squeeze out her air, but the new couches simply floated on the mellow waves of her fragrance. The painting was supposed to cover up the invisible drops of her passion sweat on the wall. Instead, the drops fused with the painting, and now whenever he looked at it, he felt her hand grasping the back of his neck. Sometimes other people would come over and talk, but it was hard to hear them over her voice, her stories and her jokes still permeating every breath in the room.

He would stand, alone in the dark apartment, and try to reach out across time, across the sheets of time that made no sense. She must be near he thought, even though she had departed his reality in a manner final and ultimate, she is near, he would think. Such were those moments, so filled with with every last unburned piece of his heart, that perhaps the reality did reverse itself for briefs instants now and then. Perhaps the warmth he felt on his skin really was hers, emanating across the universe in utter contradiction to the universe itself.

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