Die Writing

Tell me

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on October 1, 2011

Tell me,
How have you been?
How is school and how is work?
Tell me
Over gin or coffee
In some tiny crooked spot,
Overcrowded and hot.
Tell me that you are ok.
Tell me,
Have you gone out dancing?
Did you find a hot new band?
Tell me that those days are still out there,
That they didn’t drown in whiskey,
That the madness isn’t dead,
That it wasn’t just a dream.
Tell me you’ve got things to say,
And then tell me what they are.
Tell me,
With a smile or with a scowl,
In a word or monologue,
Tell me that I am still alive
And if you still remember me.
Tell me,
How is the weather?
Do you still live on that street?
How’s rooster and how’s the cat?
Tell me anything at all.

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