Die Writing

A cigarette on the stairs

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on September 24, 2011


About the unnoticed beautiful things.

In passing

She sat on the old crumbling stairs amid the busy human traffic of M Street. Dressed in a form-fitting but utterly utilitarian black outfit, gorgeous brown tresses falling over her shoulders, and a smouldering cigarette in a tired hand. Her figure was all languid curved and rounded lines, yet this wasn’t a passionate figure of a romantic painter. It was an exhausted body yearning for rest and comfort, but resigned to the mere fact of carrying on.

She sat alone in the rushing river of people. High fashion surrounded her, expensive makeup, designer shoes, all in stark and self-concscious contrast to how simple and worn she looked.

And when a bus pulled up and separated us, she disappeared; the most beautiful girl on M street disappeared with quiet grace unseen.

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