Die Writing

The muddy end

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on July 28, 2011


Play a blues song in reverse. Get your life back.

Drinks all around

A man lies in the middle of the road, and he’s bled out his last breath. Street lamps are tiny specks of lights on the smooth black steel. There’s ringing still in everyone’s ears.

“Stand down for fuck’s sake!” The world spins up. “Leave me be! I ain’t even got nothing!” Spinning faster and faster. “On your knees!” Roar – thunder thunder thunder.

Bones connecting with bones, tearing the flesh in between. Blood in the eyes. Broken chairs, broken glass, broken everything. A suffocating knee to the stomach. A blinding fist to the temple.

“Pour it.” – “There ain’t no credit here.” A handful of crushed bills and coins smacks the stained bar. “Just fucking pour it already.”

No sunshine. Just rain slapping, scratching across the face, splashing ice-cold water from the sky and mud from the ground. Wind whipping about, snuffing out the fucking cigarette over and over. And that storm just roaring and thundering, roaring and thundering. Can’t sleep, can’t think, slipping that grip.

“Goodbye, Jim.”

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