Die Writing

Black and white and in color

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on July 23, 2011


Odd how the mind can take the smallest fraction of an unrelated information and turn it into a detailed, complete image. Odd and wonderful.


The air in this hallway, it’s a strange mixture of sterile air-conditioning and concentrated, stale sweat. It is both chilly and swampy, clammy, with a dose of old tobacco and a laminate of spilled alcohol. Really, it is less a hallway and more a tunnel. The same arcane weaving structure connecting the back areas of all the world’s dives, punk clubs, and cabarets. Peeling black paint revealing other layers of black paint. Peeling posters… who would even advertise a show in this place?

There is a light somewhere down a way, just around a corner, it seems. It’s always just around the next corner. Wandering back here, I’m not sure there actually are any lights in here. Just stray balls of light. Just something flickering…

It’s always crowded in here, even when you are alone. If not with people, then with ghosts. The spirit is thick back here. A thin line between people and ghosts in these tunnels. Hungry roadies and lunatic starlets, obsessive drummers and maniacal lead guitarists, all shuffling or running along, straight or bent, sober or high, slumped against the wall. Watch where you’re stepping – this dude played a mind-blowing set in ’76 once…

Drifting through this murky world, I swim by a room. It glides into my view. Bare walls, bare floor. Almost everything in the room is just stark black, white, and shadows.

The exception is a sun-color yellow spotlight. The beam gently comes down from the ceiling – dust is casually floating through the light – illuminating a beauty clad in an American flag biking reclining on a chair. Her smooth golden skin is wrapped in a soft glow. Long legs, stretched out like a pair of twisting deadly racetracks. Locks light brown hair carelessly – yet precisely – scattered about her round shoulders. And the eyes – lustful American eyes. She is all assured perfection.

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