Die Writing

On the train #1

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on June 19, 2011


People are fascinating.


His head is against the uncomfortable warm plexiglass of the window. Shoulders drawn up, neck stiff, back straight, thin hand clenched over the eyes – a classic expression of being tired. It is a greater tiredness than just the physical – it is a painful, emotion exhaustion, tired of seeing, of being here, of shuffling one’s own body around.

She stately, beautiful, with a hint of a confident smirk hovering on her lips. Looks striking even in the simplest of things. The patterns of her outfit are reserved and plain, but effectively accentuated by her bearing. The only that’s out of sync is a yellow leather purse stamped with hearts and XOs all over. It’s the sort of thing you pick up and say, “Isn’t this cute and goofy and over the top?” It’s also the sort of thing that you’ve had for so long – it’s a bit worn and there are threads coming out – that you’ve forgotten why you have it, and how it looks. It’s just part of the routine.

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