Die Writing

You will die

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on April 12, 2011


Inspired by my very first night in Portland, OR.


The large digital clock on the wall displays not only hours, minutes, and seconds, but also fractions of a second. The glowing red digits blur into a furious mist as the clock accounts the relentless avalanche of time.

Directly underneath the clock, a sign reads in stark bold letters, YOU WILL DIE.

And just beneath the sign, framed by a varied collection of bottled liquors and girls dressed in corsets and lace, is the smiling, smirking proprietor. His well-worn patterned suit doesn’t fit quite right, and his teeth are stained with nicotine. His eyes spark and he spots you walking up to the bar, he motions sharply to one of the girls.

The girl pours something into a glass below the bar, and then slowly slides the drink toward you as she leans on the stained wood. She smiles sweetly, rests her chin on her hand, a perfect picture of the friendly cute girl next you’ve had a crush since forever. Somehow, this girl even looks familiar.

The proprietor waves his hand vaguely toward the girl and the drink, and his tongue flickers across his lips as he speaks.

“Have some. Don’t be a stranger.”

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