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The three sisters

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on March 16, 2011

The three sisters fought. It’s not unusual for siblings to get into fights, especially when they have been around each other for a fantastic length of time, and these three have been around each other since the beginning of time. They were the Fates, and this fight was worse than any before.

Overwhelmed with each other, the Sisters abandoned their threads and left their cave. They burst into the world they have not seen it’s been created, determined that they could make sense of the world, they could save the world from itself. You see, they tend to the threads of Life, but the threads are so infinitely tangled. It’s stressful being the Fates. It’s hard trying to figure out the meaning of an infinite knot. Especially if you have to convince the other two sisters that you are right.

The first Sister, the Beautiful Fate, thought she could merely inspire the world with her presence. If they could only see how beautiful Fate was, they would trust the Universe, and they would find their own way in faith. The people clamored, and mobbed in chaos.

The second Sister, the Clever Fate, thought that the world simply needed to be arranged in better, simpler way. She set about it, but soon she ended up with another, albeit different infinite knot. The people were lost and confused.

But the third Sister, the Sad Fate, did nothing. She sat in a street-side cafe with a glass of dark wine. She looked at people who passed her by and sometimes smiled, but mostly just kept to herself. No one recognized her. Not everyone even smiled back. The Sad Fate knew, that eventually all the odds would even themselves out, and you just had to be patient. There was no rushing the knot. It was untangling itself all along. So she sat by the street, and watched the people go by, and hoped the rain would come soon.

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