Die Writing

Bury myself

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on March 9, 2011

I want to bury myself in you. I want to fall into your velvet depths. And there, held in your eternal warmth, dissolve amongst the grains of your soft earth. In your graceful embrace, I want to slip into the infinite slumber. And as my body peels away with ages, reduced to little more than memories and echoes, I want to draw my last breath and exhale with the greatest sigh of pleasure and contentment, the ultimate moan of a never-ending euphoria.

And then, on that moment, I will reach through the comfort of your darkness, and turn once again toward the sun, bursting from you in a shower of flowers. Waves of colors and tender petals will emanate from you, pooling into gardens, rivers and eddies of bouquets. There you will stand, amongst the fields of all the flowers, soaked in the sun, at the very center of all my dreams.


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