Die Writing

On a porch

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on February 28, 2011

The wood smells of old summer heat and sunshine. Touching it still brings out memories of that summer a few years ago, the hottest summer anyone can remember. It’s been smoothed by age, and it breathes heat.

The dust is settling by the road, content with a day full of busy clouds and racing vehicles. Just as the sun is settling, so must everything and everyone else. It is time, as the sun would have it, to sit back.

It is time to absent-mindedly run the fingers along the cool glass, collect a few drops of condensation. To smile vaguely at the closing day – and each other – and enjoy another sip. To comfortably shift weight, lean on the arm toward one another as if to say something, but then say absolutely nothing, to merely motion toward the scene, pause emphatically, utter a sigh of deep relief, and sink back.

It is a conversation. There are no words in this conversation. Sometimes, the pesky words simply get in the way of what must be communicated. It is a deep and impassioned exchange, built entirely of cool drinks, slow nods, meaningful glances, and those content, understanding smiles.

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