Die Writing

With Shade

Posted in The Unbroken City by erdaron on February 19, 2011

A presence stirred in the corners of the room. The king froze mid-stride, fingers dropping near the grip of the sword, eyes quickly scanning the space. Nothing was out of place, but the two in the room were experienced hunters.

“Shade,” the king said finally.

“Your highness,” the corners obliged in a whisper.

“If you had a heart I’d run my sword through it.”

“A lot of good that’ll do you.”

A pause. The king relaxed a little bit, straightened up, but rested the hand on the weapon’s hilt.

“What do you want?” He finally inquired.

“I was going to offer you some help. It’s quite a pot you’re stirring.”

“Don’t need your help, Shade. It’s your kind that’s on the other side of the line.”

“I don’t pick sides, king. I just want to be entertained by end of the world.”

“You should leave.”

“Fine. Fine. By the way, your champion is returning. Though it won’t be a sweet homecoming. He is coming to kill you. Thought you’d like to know.”


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