Die Writing

Should have

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on December 11, 2010


We may have met this pair before.


They shouldn’t have met.

They shouldn’t have kissed. They shouldn’t have had sloppy, drunk sex.

He shouldn’t have punched her. She shouldn’t have stabbed him.

They shouldn’t have put each other in the hospital that other time.

She shouldn’t have lied to put him in jail for several days.

He shouldn’t have crashed her car.

They shouldn’t have started a fight with a cop.

He shouldn’t have cheated on her. Then again, she shouldn’t have cheated on him, either.

They shouldn’t have set their apartment on fire.

She shouldn’t have sold his stash.

He shouldn’t have pulled the gun on her.

They shouldn’t have gotten married in Vegas while high on pills.

They shouldn’t have been so madly, desperately, absolutely in love.

But they were. And somehow, for them, that made everything else ok.


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