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There is a need to atone

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on October 31, 2010

“You left scars on that child,” the young man went on in a steely, calm voice, “and not just on the flesh.”

The young man, dressed in a tailored suit, was perfectly still. He was leaning against the back of the chair, resting his hand on a brightly colored package the size of a thick book. His eyes were fixed on his counter-part, a middle-aged overwhelmed man across the table. The older man was panicking. He felt cold, and sick, and his heart racing and seizing, throwing itself around his chest. He tried to say something, but a sudden thirst clinched his throat.

“Your actions require atonement. The specifics of what will be asked of you will be provided later. Your participation is, of course, voluntary. However, should you refuse, you will be asked to employ the contents of our gift.” He stopped, and pushed the gift-wrapped box toward the older man. “Open it.”

The man’s trembling hands struggled with the package and it took him a while to overcome the slick paper and ribbons. The younger man sat quietly, patiently waiting. Once removed, the gift paper revealed a rugged plastic case with metal clasps on one side. With his hands shaking even more than before, the older man undid the clasps and opened the case.

Inside the case, surrounded by molded foam, lay a revolver. Its surface was slick and dark; it smelled fresh and oiled. Confused and frightened, the older man looked up.

“A single round has been chambered. It is a reminder of what you actually deserve, and no amount of atonement will erase that. You are to keep this in your house at all times.” He paused again, letting the words sink in. “I should inform you, that the situation realizes where you are to use this item, and are unable to perform the task yourself, assistance will be provided to you.”

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