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The Devil and the Musicians, part 4

Posted in The Devil and the Musicians by erdaron on September 7, 2010


Sometimes you can’t help but write.

Have a drink

The Musicians were played loose, fast, furious. Their fingers were running wild over the strings. They were playing the kind of music that leads you both in a dance, and you can simply close your eyes in its rhythmic bliss. The Violinist stepped down the stage, playing with such intensity that flames seemed to leap off the strings. No human instrument could survive this music.

When the Woman entered, leaned against the frame to watch the Violinist. He knew she was here. The slightest hint of her fragrance, the thinnest of her shadow was all he needed to know. He smiled, and started on the song’s last verse. As she came closer, a few of the patrons stood up, clearing a table near the stage. She sat down at the table. A waiter glided by, setting down two glasses of red wine.

The last note rang, the Violinist hung up the bow and the violin, nodded to the rest of the Musicians, and stepped off the stage. The band began the next song.

The Violinist and the Woman sat across from each other in silence. He smiled, and she was beautiful. The song went on, winding through verses and lines.

“Just one song,” said the Devil.

“I know,” said the Violinist almost inaudibly.

The song was nearing the end. The Violinist kissed the air, and a tear rolled down his cheek.

The last notes struck. The Violinist peered at the Woman, desperately trying to remember every bit of her.

An unseen force pressed on his chest, pushing him away from the table. He tried to grab the table. The force pressed harder and threw him at the steps at the bottom of the stage.

“Thank you,” he whispered for the Woman through the tears, as she stood up and started walking toward the door.

In another instant, he was back on the stage, huddled, picking up his violin.

The Devil smiled bitterly.

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