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An important monologue

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on August 2, 2010


For strange and kind Mr. Kharms.

Great Cucumbers

Mr. Smith was standing in a corner, fiercely scratching at his scruffy face and slowly growing. His shoulders have already reached the shelves with the fine china, and his voice kept getting more and more booming.

“What you need to understand is the role of the crows, as well as the various breakfast leagues. These things are important!” He temporarily ceased the scratching to shake a fist.

Mr. Johnson quietly kept sitting. Mr. Johnson has only recently mastered sitting on a chair, but it still took a lot of his concentration to maintain the effort. Were he in a more prone position, he may have attempted some counter-points, however weakly, but his few resources were already fully engaged.

“The breakfast leagues are the beginning of the end!” Boomed Mr. Smith angrily. “And the lunch dominions are nowhere to be found in this time of hardships!” Scruff-scratching reached a feverish intensity, producing puffs of something flaky.

At this point, Mr. Smith entered eating a sandwich. Unlike the first Mr. Smith, he was normal- sized and cleanly shaven. Never removing the sandwich from his face, or the gaze from the larger Mr. Smith, the second Mr. Smith produced some sort of buzzing sound. It was a bit hard to tell, on account of his mouth being full of sandwich.

At the sight of the second Mr. Smith, the first Mr. Smith attempted to throw himself out of the window, but has grown too large for the frame.

“Go to hell!” He ordered the window, which is infuriatingly refused to do.

Exhausted, Mr. Johnson gave up the struggle and nodded off, slowly sliding onto the floor.

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