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No reason

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on June 30, 2010


This may face further re-writes.


“Now mister, I need you to understand something. There is no good goddam reason for what’s about to happen.”

Clad in all black, smacking of  cheap booze and stale tobacco, the speaker was the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with people. The short steel pipe in his hands had numerous kinks and scratches. It lived a life removed from its intended purpose.

The man being addressed wore a fine silk robe. His hands desperately gripped the morning paper and a cup of coffee. Faint steam slowly rose from the cup. His frozen eyes were fixed on the speaker in panic and shock. Luxury surrounded them. The speaker’s faded black leather jacket was in perfect contrast to the fine white leather of the furniture.

Others began to enter the room, slowly, silently.

A car plunges off a cliff, and it’s screaming toward the jagged rocks. The driver’s brain nearly fries itself imagining the crash a million times over. His heart, his breath and everything inside his chest contract, shrink from the inevitable.  And just as the car is about to kiss those rocks, that very moment, is exactly where this room is right now.

“You think we’re hooligans and scum. Y’know, you’re right. We’re pretty rotten people. We grew up in the shit, my mates and I. The worst. The kind of stuff you see in your police dramas on TV, only worse, ’cause it was real. The way we came up, everyone got shit, and we sure got ours. But that got us thinking. This shit got us philosophical.”

The men stood still. They were skinny and muscled, like hungry wolves. They were frighteningly still.

“Nothing bad ever happened to you. Which to us, that means something’s got to. Mind you now, this ain’t politics. This isn’t some Robin Hood, comic book bullshit. This ain’t justice, mister. This is just the terrible, awful things that happen to everyone. It’s not because of anything you did, or didn’t do, or who you are, or how you vote, or where you shop, or what brands you wear. You didn’t cause this, and it’s still going to happen. There is no reason for this, and I need you to understand that.”

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