Die Writing

A door

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on June 10, 2010


Keep it simple.

And then…

“Please no dead bolt… please no dead bolt!” He prayed as he launched toward the door, from a sprint, feet first. There was shouting somewhere behind him, and hurried scuffling, and madly bouncing flashlights. There weren’t many doors around, and at this moment, he simply had to pick one. So he picked the one right in front of him. The one for which he could get a good run.

Only a couple feet of air, but it felt like a mile. Get enough adrenaline in your blood, and nothing feels like it should anymore – everything’s too slow, too light, too… incorporeal.

The shock of pain that shot up his spine was definitely real though.

“Fucking deadbolt,” he cursed, desperately trying to suck some air into his lungs.

Lying on the floor, he noticed that the door to the left was actually slightly ajar.

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