Die Writing


Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on June 7, 2010


This has been an odd exercise in public seclusion.



The door tweaked, hesitated for a second, then slowly opened, reaching for the ground. Bleak, rusty sunlight tentatively glanced around the edges of the metal door. The view matched the screen exactly and yet… it was better. Slowly rolling hills, a sea of dust, a distant rim of brown mountains. It was about as monotone as one could imagine, and yet, the most fascinating and beautiful thing any of them had ever witnessed. As the door touched down, a thin cloud of red dust puffed up and rolled away along the ground.

A sole feature broke the monotony of the landscape, it was more square and darker. It sat alone, covered in layers upon layers of dust.

“Prep the cargo bay,” finally one of them said. “Let’s get him and take him home,” the same voice continued and its owner motioned toward the square shadow. “He’s been here long enough.”


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