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Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on June 3, 2010

Steve is not intimidating. He is not of the large, burly, rough kind, who seem to never find a suit that fits right, who can strike fear into you by merely shifting their posture, and when they put their calloused hands on the table and look at you, it’s because they’re figuring out a way to hurt you very, very quickly – and that is very, very clear to you.

That is not Steve. He is not intimidating. In fact, he is rather pleasant. Not meek, mind you. He may be short, but he clearly works out. He seems agile enough, square shoulders and straight back betraying an athletic background. Though you can easily assume that this is due to gymnastics, or swimming, or some such. You look at his long, thin fingers and imagine them strumming a guitar. Steve is quick with a joke, which won’t be offensive or too funny, but very timely and just right to put everyone at ease. He will ask you about your mom, inquire if you had trouble finding a place, and recommend a lovely Italian place downtown. Steve is nice.

Steve is the last person you’d expect to swing open his coat to reveal body armor, rows of guns, grenades and knives, and then proceed to unleash what can only be described the most beautiful and cinematically perfect wave of brutal violence Hong Kong’s best could ever imagine.

And, as God’s sense of humor would have it, that is exactly what is about to happen.

Steve is not intimidating. But if you knew, with absolute certainty, that you are, at all times, the deadliest person in the room by a mile – would you spend the effort on looking scary? No. You would smile.

And then you will destroy everything.


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