Die Writing


Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on May 30, 2010

Everything ached and hurt like hell, and still he didn’t care.  Walking was hard now, and there was whizzing in his breath. Still – he was walking out and breathing, which is more than he could say for anyone else at this point. He laughed. The cracked ribs signaled off with stabbing pain.

“This is temporary, just for now,” he thought as he looked at his bruised and swollen hands, the shredded knuckles. “But I win.”

He started laughing even harder. The lungs seized with pain, bending him in half, leaving him gasping for air; and yet – still laughing.

“I won!” He gurgled, spitting blood on the gravel. The broken nose started bleeding again, adding fresh stains to his torn shirt.

He looked back at the warehouse – having to turn his entire body because the neck was stiff and immobile – and again yelled, “I won!” The fingers on the right hand didn’t bend very well, but any observer could figure that he was flipping the bird. He then started walking – stumbling – along the gravel-covered dirt road, still laughing, whizzing, and coughing up blood.

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