Die Writing


Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on May 10, 2010

Without a moment’s hesitation, he swung the door open and stepped into the night. It greeted him with raging wind and a sharp slap of rain. The hero walked forth without so much as flinching. The wind whipped around him, tearing at his coat. The rain came at him with vengeance, soaking every bit. He didn’t even try to protect himself. The coat billowed around him uselessly, and icy water soaked everything within seconds. There was no reason to protect something of so little consequence that was going to be lost anyway. Time spent buttoning down meant time lost. Eyes narrowed to slits, he walked on. The sense of purpose was so clear, the steps so familiar that he could have gone on blind.

There are things to do, he thought. This was all the moral imperative, all the reason he needed. His purpose, solid as a granite cliff, was all he needed to carry him forth. The furious gusts and the bitter rain tried to choke him in vain.

For all its misery, this madness felt warm. No comfort like the simplicity of action.

He grinned, and quickened his step.

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