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Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on May 9, 2010

The barrel of Byron’s gun pinned Dev’s head to the wall, with almost enough force to crush his skull. Byron leaned his massive figure into Dev, silently staring at the man pathetically squirm like a bug. For a minute, the only thing that broke silence was Dev’s nervous giggling. Dev kept rolling his eyes around, trying to catch a glimpse of the brute, but Byron stayed out of his vision.

“I’m gonna ask some question. You gonna give me some answers,” Byron spoke finally.

“What if I don’t?” Dev squeaked out.

“That’s not an option.”

“Who are you that you think I’ll talk to you?” Dev was trying to turn himself around to make eye contact with Byron, but that was like trying to push a brick wall with your hands.

“I’m a tweaker with a gun to your head. I’ve killed for far less. I got a clip full of bullets with your name on ’em. And I doubt I’ll miss from this distance.” Byron leaned more heavily. Dev felt like he might black out soon.

“Bullets? That’s a quick way to go. The Boss would do a lot worse if I told you anything, man,” Dev was cracking. Tears were streaming from his eyes, he was laughing and giggling between words. He kept licking his chapped lips.

“He ain’t here. I am. And in case the gun wasn’t fun enough, I also brought knives.”

Dev stopped laughing. Panic was threatening to shatter the remainder of his wits. He was hyperventilating and whizzing. It sounded like his throat began to close up. Byron stuck his free hand in his pocket and started fishing for something.

“But most importantly, I’m the only guy around who’s got your fix,” he said holding up a disposable syringe filled with clear liquid.

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