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The beat

Posted in Uncategorized by erdaron on May 6, 2010


Setup and punchline.


Several computers are lined up on tables along one wall. They produce a low hum and whir.  A man is sitting in one of the arm chairs in the middle of the room, staring off into space and idly playing with a CD case in his hands. His appearance is disheveled and exhausted. Another man, must be a colleague enters the room and stops, leaning against the door frame.

“They are gone,” the newcomer says. “Everything’s gone.”

“They left this,” says the man in the chair, holding up the CD. “It’s audio. I haven’t listened to it yet. And it came with a note.” He rests the disk on the desk near the computers and gives the newcomer a little piece of neatly folded paper. The newcomer sits down, and the two men stare at the CD for a few moments.

We have waited for millenia to hear this in its complete form, read the note. It is the heartbeat of the Universe.

After the second man reads the note – several times – the men exchange confused looks. Finally, the first man puts the CD into one of the computers and presses play.

“All the technology, all the knowledge, and they leave us with this…” he mumbles.

The room is filled with a rising, rumbling tide of sound. It wraps itself around everything, enveloping the two men and every bit of the room. It rises for a while, and then recedes as gently as it has begun. The warmth of the sound, its calm and measured ebb engulf the two men. It brings an intense flood of images and memories into their minds. They remember everything with clarity and brilliance.  They see how everything, however remote, has fit together.

When the audio finally comes to the end, the two men are left smiling, tears running from their eyes.

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